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We are a small, local business in the community that provides house and office cleaning, and lawn maintenance services in Newark, Bear and New Castle County Delaware. Our mission is to be the number one service solution company in the area. Since we are not a franchise, we are able to provide service solutions that appeal to you personally.

Some have asked, “Why the name Fifty Plus Home Services LLC?”. When we reach our fifties, many responsibilities become more challenging. We often don’t get as much done and our “to do” list increases. Additionally, as we get older, certain tasks become more difficult to perform. Fifty Plus Home Services LLC. helps you to lighten your load and assists you with maintaining your independence.

Fifty Plus Home Services LLC. highly values providing outstanding customer service. We are thorough and respond to your needs promptly. Our staff is well-trained, courteous, professional and respectful of you and your property. Our reviews show that integrity and reliability are not just words. These values highlight our commitment to excellence.

Our variety of services offers convenience to our customers. We offer our 24-hour guarantee, which provides you with peace of mind. We encourage you to take advantage of our monthly membership program and referral program.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.


2005 Small Start

Back in 2005, I started a landscape design and install business, with the goal of helping people to enjoy being outside in their own backyards. As the years went by, I found myself helping friends, relatives and neighbors with other home projects other than landscaping. Over the years various experiences have caused that small beginning to progress to a new level.

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2009 Our Story

Unfortunately, in 2009, my wife’s mother was diagnosed with Dementia. That life-changing moment was the first time either of us had experienced such a drastic family change that affected a parent. Years later my grandmother passed at the age of 94. She had a small estate, but it was still a considerable task to handle. The situation that made me rethink my place in the community was when an older friend of ours went to the ER. While I was there with him and his wife, I noticed there were so many older seniors in the waiting room alone with no family member or friend by their side. These events and losing other close friends and loved ones touched my heart. It gave me the realization and opened my eyes to the fact that our loved ones are getting older.

2012 Why We Do It

It can be heart-wrenching to realize that our parents, once strong and self-sufficient are no longer able to look after themselves. Many of our older friends and family members desire to continue living in their own home, because as we all know, “there is no place like home.” But many of our seniors do not have family to help, or their kids are living busy lives and taking care of their own families. The need for extra hands to help take care of aging parents, relatives and seniors has increased. Supporting the aging community is our way of giving back to our community. We want our senior citizens to be comfortable.

In many families, much of the responsibility of caregiving falls on one son or daughter, or the loved one who lives closest to the parent or friend. But many caregivers have family lives themselves that they struggle to balance. There is a limit to each individual’s time and energy. There is a risk that caregiver burnout could occur. Caregivers who find themselves in this situation need to be realistic about how much they can do.

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2019 Our Vision

I’ve come to another realization. My generation (the leading-edge baby boomers, or generation Joneses) doesn’t want to do certain projects anymore, either because of lack of desire, interest or ability. Or as my wife, Sheila keeps telling me, “I need Fifty Plus Services for myself.” The services that we offer are the services that everyone needs – namely, a set of extra hands. So, starting this business to help others comes from experiencing the need for help personally.

The idea of FPHS came about also from watching my mom and aunt look for work, because they faced an uphill battle due to age discrimination. Providing jobs to seniors who wish to, or need to continue to work is a community service that we wish to provide.

Our company’s goal is to provide outstanding service to all of our customers. We want our clients to feel confident and be at peace that the extra hands we provide are the extra hands that can make a difference in their life.

We understand that all cases will not fit our business model, nor will we be able to handle all the situations that develop in our customer’s lives. But here at FPHS our goal is to provide as many services in house as possible to help our customers save money, time and enjoy life!



We offer a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

Just notify us of your concern within 24 hours of work completion and we will send someone back to address the deficiency at no additional cost to you.

If your work is scheduled on a Friday or Saturday, we will honor this guarantee as long as notification is provided by the following Monday.


In the past I have worked with companies to handle painting, there always seems to be a disconnect in communication when it comes to pricing. Not with 50 Plus Homes Services the price they quote is the price you pay...nothing more!

- Emily K, Middletown, Delaware

Literally the best choice in Delaware, level of professionalism is amazing, work quality is amazing & customer service is probably the best experience I have ever had. Definitely choosing 50 Plus Home  Services again for any home landscaping needs!


- Tim J.  Newark, Delaware





Middletown, Delaware

Newark, Delaware

Christiana, Delaware

Bear, Delaware

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